To the Anonymous Drawing Room...
  Oct 22 - Nov 2 1997 at c3, Budapest  
  Opening 6pm Oct 22, 1997  
  "Anonymous Drawing Room" is an installation examining physical and human presence on the Internet. It explores the users physical interaction with the computer through monitoring the mouse and hand movements, and examines the computers interpretation of this. The work was shown in conjunction with "ConciseCreativeConcordance 2.0", the work of German artist Reinhold Adt.  
  In the "Anonymous Drawing Room" a computer re-interprets the users navigation of "ConciseCreativeConcordance 2.0", translating these gestures into simple line drawings, which print at 5 minute intervals and are displayed in the gallery space.  
  The drawings created from the users of "ConciseCreativeConcordance 2.0" were available here from Oct 22nd - Nov 2 1997, after which the site mapped the users mouse movements from a machine in the public Internet Lab at c3. The programme is no longer running. However, on the following page there is documentation of some of the drawing made during the project.  
supported by The British Council supported by c3, Centre for Culture and Communication The Scottish Arts Council