This work stems from my interest in representations of the body using new technology, particularly the exaggerated and erotic nature of many of the pre-fabricated physiques created in Computer Games and Virtual Environments. "asex" is a reflection upon these representations and an attempt to create a bisexual form.

In this work I am focusing on the phallus and breast (as stereotypical erotic forms), removing them from the body and developing them as remote sexual objects. These forms are based on everyday artificial representations, the condom and the baby bottle teat, which similarly to digital representations have developed a caricature quality. I am combining these objects to create tactile forms suggestive of both and male and female physicality, incorporating both to a fine balance and appearing a/bisexual. However, the objects have a subtly beyond their conceptual background and are not immediately perceived as sexual objects, they provoke a more subconscious understanding.

"asex" is an example of my current hybrid approach to creating work, combining traditional processes with new technologies to explore where they connect and differ. "asex" involves 3 distinct sculptural process of development (both traditional and non-traditional), individually applied to the same conceptual form. My intention was to allow each process to influence the form as it develops, creating 3 objects which rather than being replica's of one another are shaped by the process of their development.

The resulting work will form a sculptural installation. The objects will be presented upon Doric pillars (both real and virtual), in a mock traditional style.